For us, it has always been about providing customers with affordable products without endangering the environment and health. Shopping environmentally smart should be easy! Below you can see our strategy for achieving this goal.

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For skeptics, by skeptics

Abandoning habits is always challenging. Purchasing household products is for many something if not gives much thought - but can have enormous consequences for the environment. Traditional household products have generally seen a greater climate impact than our alternatives and risk ending up in nature forever. Make a difference you too!

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Help us eliminate disposable plastic

At Heime, we strive to help eliminate disposable plastic packaging from our everyday products. This is to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. Our products are designed like a reusable system that can prevent the emergence of up to 100 billion units of plastic from landfills and the sea.

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Always transparency

We are more than happy to share data from our suppliers, sources and studies so that you as a customer feel safe with your decisions. We believe in a business that is permeated by transparency and honesty. If there is something you are wondering about, you are welcome to contact our customer service who will help you erase question marks. Contact information can be found here on the website.

Created by people who are not content with traditional alternatives

Heime CEO Oscar Peyron

My passion for reducing the use of disposable plastic packaging grew while I was moving away from home for the first time. The horror of how plastic pollutes our oceans and contributes to microplastics in food and drinking water was so obvious that my ingrained habits from home had to change. I wanted to pull my straw, but the lack of environmentally friendly household products meant that I could not escape the perpetual purchases of disposable plastic. This is where Heime was born.

I wish nothing better than that you want to come with us when we clean up our amazing planet!

Oscar Peyron

CEO & Co-Founder

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One product, many benefits

Our products have many advantages in addition to the fact that they do not contain any disposable plastic. At Heime, we have strict guidelines for product development so that you as a customer, people in your vicinity and our planet will feel as good as possible. Our products must always meet the following criteria:

Less CO2
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The beginning of a longer journey

At present, we only offer cleaning tablets together with our reusable bottles in frosted glass - but the journey is far from over. Heime's vision is to revolutionize consumption patterns for detergents, beauty products, toilet cleaning and other items that for most consumers are bought in packaging made of disposable plastic. Be a part of our journey and get your cleaning package too!

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Heime reusable cleaning bottles

Reusable Spray Bottles

Three 500 ml Spray Bottles made out of durable, frosted glass.

Multi-Purpose Refill Pack

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Fresh Lemon Scent • For counters, stone and wood surfaces.

Bathroom Refill Pack

Bathroom Cleaner

Refreshing Grapefruit Scent • For tiles surfaces, ceramics and toilet.

Glass + Mirror Refill

Glass + Mirror Cleaner

Clear Lavender Scent • For glass, mirror and stainless surfaces.

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Image from Heime's instagram
Image from Heime's instagram
Image from Heime's instagram